New publication: Weathering

I’m so excited! Today is release day for Where the Weird Things Are: a travel guide to the freaky and fantastic of Australia and Aotearoa.

Chock-filled with the promised freaky and fantastic, this speculative fiction anthology features the work of fourteen authors from Australia and Aotearoa (New Zealand), myself included. I’m incredibly humbled and excited to be published alongside such wonderful writers.

Where The Weird Things Are author list, image of a book and ebook cover, link to
Image: Where the Weird Things Are cover image and author list. (c) Deadset Press
Header image: Mandurah Harbour (c) Rexness on Flickr

My story, ‘Weathering’ is set in an alternate version of the place I call home – Bindjareb Noongar country (part of the Gnaarla Karla Booja region in Western Australia). Also known as Mandurah, Western Australia, the city is named Mandjoogoordap in the Noongar language, which means ‘meeting place of the heart’. I hope you’ll agree it was the perfect setting to explore some strange happenings. Not to mention the life of a single mother dealing with telepathy and flying children…

Ready to read some weird? Grab a copy from this link – and remember to leave a review. It helps the anthology get more visibility, and book ratings can mean a lot to a potential reader.

Thank you in advance for reading and supporting an Australian indie press. I hope that you enjoy Weathering and all the other brilliant tales in this anthology. Let me know what you think. 🙂

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