New Publication: In the Riverlands, Drowning

Failure brought me here. Following—and failing to verify—bunyip sightings along the Murray, I reached the Coorong coast under a storm-heavy sky that bogged my truck and near-fouled half my equipment. Funds dwindling, I retreated to the highlands south of Sydney. But water management in the Riverlands had disrupted, nay, destroyed the potential habitat, along with my hopes.

In The Riverlands, Drowning, by Emma Louise Gill

I’m late a day with my weekly blog post, but for good reason: I wanted to share my newest published story with you all!

In The Riverlands, Drowning is the third and final installment of my Cryptozoologist trilogy published by Etherea Magazine, whereby a semi-professional on assignment in Australia encounters a number of mysterious, unsettling creatures in our wild landscape…

Find out what happens when they enter a bunyip’s territory, in Etherea Magazine Issue 10.

person wading into water, ripples and leaves visible. Title of story and author in foreground
Etherea Magazine In The Riverlands, Drowning story title image
© Sunburnt Fox Press

I love the amazing story art that Etherea editor Aidan Wilson makes each issue. Once again, this is perfect.

If you need to catch up, you can read the first two parts in Issue 6 (On Assignment in Birdsville, QLD) and Issue 8 (Blackwood Valley Guardian). For the story that inspired them all, see Caddo Lake, here on this blog.

Etherea Magazine Issue 10 cover with authors and features written in foreground; an anime-ish woman with pale skin, black hair, black cat ears, and green hands, in background looking pensive
Etherea Magazine Issue 10 Cover © Sunburnt Fox Press

I hope you enjoy reading Issue 10, as I have. There are nearly 140 pages of fantastic speculative stories from Australian authors and more from around the globe, an interview, book review, and an amazing art showcase. Plus there are freely available stories on the magazine website if you’d like to get a taste before purchase (but you know you want to find out about that bunyip, right?)

Do let me know if you enjoy the story.

Click here to read In The Riverlands, Drowning.

Have you ever seen a bunyip? Or anything strange and unexplained? Perhaps the Sydney panther, Tasmanian tiger, or strange lights in the sky? I’d love to hear about it in the comments! 🙂

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