Two New Stories Published

Bloody tourists, they also mutter. But I’m not of a mind to travel hundreds of kilometres, and I’m darn well not a tourist. I’m a cryptozoologist, a journalist. I’ve 200k subscribers and a job to do…

On Assignment in Birdsville, QLD, by Emma Louise Gill

The January 2022 edition of Etherea Magazine is out! Featuring my short story, On Assignment in Birdsville, QLD, the issue also contains ten excellent speculative stories from Aussie and global authors, as well as an author interview (Robert Lee Henry), book review (Far From the Light of Heaven by Tade Thompson), and artist showcase (Dominik Mayer). All for only AUD$5! I highly recommend you pick it up… and not just for my spooky story 😉

Those images are pretty awesome, too.

I also have some news regarding Reflex Fiction’s Winter 2021 Flash Fiction Contest. My piece, She Follows A Familiar Recipe, was longlisted (top 10%)! You can read it here.

I lay ingredients on the granite bench: buttermilk, flour, baking soda. Rosemary snipped last night under the full moon… 

She Follows A Familiar Recipe, by Emma Louise Gill

Shortlisted and winners will be announced from 17th February; I’m sure they’ll be amazing and can’t wait to read them. Reflex Fiction publishes one longlisted story (in no particular order) per day until then, so keep checking back to fill your flash fiction fix. 🙂

person making dough; hand and black bracelets visible
Image by Nadya Spetnitskaya (CC0 1.0)
Header image of falling confetti by Jason Leung on Unsplash

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