New Publication in Etherea Magazine

…I’ve warded off the Hexham Greys before, insects that drill through skin in hobnailed boots (which I, alas, could not prove yet felt for certain), and I am no longer affected by a mediocre bite. I give an Aussie wave nonetheless, swatting them aside.

Blackwood Valley Guardian, Emma Louise Gill

A new month, a new story published! Today my story, Blackwood Valley Guardian, is available to read in Etherea Magazine Issue #8.

The second in my Cryptozoologist series, Blackwood Valley Guardian follows our cryptid hunter into the wild forests of Nannup, WA on the hunt for the elusive Tasmanian Tiger, or Thylacine. Will they find it? And what will their mysterious livestream sponsor do then?

Purchase your digital copy of Etherea magazine here. I’m honoured to be in such great company with some other fantastic stories and interviews this month. Do check them out!

Black and white illustration of a thylacine, with the story title and author name above and below respectively, and Etherea Magazine on the top left.
(C) Etherea Magazine 2022
Header image: Blackwood River Walk (C) Pelusey Photography from TrailsWA

Want to know where our cryptozoologist used to work before coming to Australia? Caddo Lake is free to read here on my blog, the story that started it all.

On Assignment in Birdsville, QLD, the first part of this serial, is available in Etherea Magazine #6.

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