Aphis’s Gambit

This week saw my story, “Aphis’s Gambit”, published at The Piker Press, an online weekly journal of arts, science, fiction, and non-fiction.

Aphis’s Gambit started life as a short story competition entry for the theme, “Today was finally the day…”. I will be forever grateful to my writing friends who saw its initial promise and gave such helpful feedback. Thank you!

I hope you pop over to read the story. It is a little different in format, and is only speculative in that the characters are non-human. Otherwise, quite a bit of scientific research went into it. I now know a lot more about Australian ants than I ever thought I would… and do feel a bit worse about treading on them in my garden. :-p

Read the story here.

Aphis’s Gambit: a story about hope, persistence, resilience… and ants.

A black ant on pale grey wood, background blurred
Meat ant mound by fir0002 via Wikipedia (CC BY-NC)
Header image of banded sugar ants by Steve Shattuck via Wikipedia (CC BY-2.0)

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