Just a little suggestion, he said. It’ll be fun, he said. You’ll fall asleep and I’ll kiss you awake like when we first met, then we can start again. That’s what he said. Why, then, did I just wake up alone, dusty, really bloody hungry in a really bloody cold industrial freezer? “Fool me once, fool me twice, all that shit,” … Continue reading Hypnosis

The Menagerie Princess

Princess Beliya prepared for her interview as carefully as always. The suitor had chosen a Tuesday, and Tuesdays were her blue days, so she had ordered a new chitenge dress with blue and white diamonds criss-crossing the cotton and a flare to the waist which accentuated her curves. It was both sophisticated and fun. Paired … Continue reading The Menagerie Princess

Australian Writers’ Centre

Fantasy, Science Fiction and More Course Review Earlier this year I undertook a 5-week course with the Australian Writers' Centre, a primarily online-courses centre based in Sydney. I chose to do a once-weekly, two-hourly course on writing in my preferred genre, speculative fiction. It was so worth it. The course took place over Zoom with … Continue reading Australian Writers’ Centre


“Five minutes and counting.” Time is interminable. It stretches, yawning, threatening to overtake him with its dark menace. How does he sit through these protracted seconds launch after launch? The chair is creaking with the weight of his despondency. Twenty-seven donuts contributed their piece as well, but every time he swears off bringing them he … Continue reading Countdown

The Professional

The restaurant was packed to just the right density for Henri to move unobtrusively through the crowd. His slim form slipped through darkness along the room’s edges, the slick black suit swallowing the light. The shadows greeted him like an old friend and he smiled, appreciating the little things that made his business easier. Beyond … Continue reading The Professional