New Publication: Cù-Sìth

Cover image of Drabbledark Volume II anthology by Shacklebound Press, edited by Eric Fomley. Image of a tree in shadow, a crow on a branch, a full moon in a misty sky, and a dark castle on a hill in the background
Anthology cover image by Shacklebound Books

Readers, I have a secret: sometimes I write darker stories. In fact, that may not be a secret if you’ve read Sister here on my blog, or know about my horror-themed microfiction entry to the NYC Midnight 250-word competition, which won 2nd place in its group. Next month I’ll have another for you at Fables for the Dying, and there are a few more pieces out on submission at the moment too.

So perhaps you’ll not be surprised, but excited–as I was–to hear I have a 100-word story coming out in Drabbledark II from Shacklebound Books. This is an anthology that does what it says on the cover: a collection of more than 75 dark science fiction, dark fantasy, and dark horror stories of exactly 100 words from over 60 authors, many of which I know from online writing communities, and I am super excited to share pages with in the same book.

My story, Cù-Sìth, is a song of the Scottish barrow hound, a mythical creature said to hunt and steal the souls of the living… Not something I’d like to come across.

Hound seen side-on, red glowing eyes, sharp wolfllike teeth in open snarl, green mangy fur.
Credit to original artist.
Cover image by Nyssa Shaw on DeviantArt

Drabbledark II will be available in ebook format and print-on-demand from June 1st 2022. Preorder for Kindle here: Australia | US | UK | CA.

Do you have any favourite mythological stories with a dark aspect to them? I’d love to hear about them in the comments! 🙂

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