Lila’s Eagle

Lila forgot it was winter,
That day when the sun threw rainbows at the flying snow,
The trees swayed in harmony
And the sky burst blue.

It was a day for wandering, for
Climbing fences and
Through fields,
Making angel scenes to wave hello to

Chasing a startled deer twixt fir stands, she
Stumbled over hidden roots,
Skinned hands raw on bark and ice.
The buck
All lickety-split-like.
Lila was no match for him,
They both knew.

Those trees were a certain match for Lila, though.
In somnolent silence they barely stirred at her passing,
Drooping boughs
Laden with winter’s gifts
Occasionally shifting with a little
Enjoying their slumber.
They were the guardians ‘gainst bitter wind,
Feeling the pulse of warmth from little creatures nestled
Far below,
Sometimes deep within.
Life persists even in these conditions.
But ‘tis not the life of other seasons.

So while the world slept on,
With Lila calling,
Only the wind listened.
And when she could not find the path,
Only the sleepers heard.

An eagle spotted Lila’s frozen body,
Curled in darkening shadows,
Falling beyond the precipice of shivers
Into torpor,
Climbing through her veins,
Through her heart.

The bird circled.

Lila’s Eagle.

That’s they called him afterward–
The rescuers, who saw the flight, who watched the forest for a sign.
The ones who brought her home,
Who helped her thaw,
Returned the life of other seasons
To the little girl who forgot it was winter.

On that day
The sun threw rainbows at the flying snow,
The trees swayed in harmony
And the sky burst blue.

Girl in blue hooded jacket, jeans and pink gumboots, balancing on a moss-covered log. Bare trees and damp autumn leaves surround. Black dog in background. Blue sky, white clouds.
Image by Skitterphoto on Pixabay
Header image by Koczot on Pixabay

This poem was originally written in response to a prompt last year on the theme ‘winter’. It’s summer here in Perth now, and I liked the refreshing coolness of the re-read. I hope you liked it, too! Of course, if it’s cold and wintery where you are, I hope you find somewhere warm, just like Lila did.

Next week will be my regular monthly write-in with the Insecure Writer’s Support Group blog hop. It’s also Furious Fiction results and the March competition. Looking forward to sharing another short story with you soon.

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