A Creative Win

Image of a wall with pink graduated background, the word 'Lakelands' illustrated in black-and-white, and three creative writing pieces as large posters on the wall. Heart in the centre.
Image by Lakelands Shopping Centre/JLL

My local shopping centre recently ran a Valentine’s Day creative writing competition, with judges from our library and community centre. I won 1st place in poetry for my original piece, The Two Of Us!

Hubby and I celebrated with dinner at the local Italian. They have excellent pizza and jaffa espresso cocktails. Yum.

The winning and runner-up entries for poetry and the other two categories–short story under 50 words and short story 51-200 words–were also excellent. You can read them here.

I’m pretty darn stoked to see my words on a poster as tall as me, opposite my local cafe where I like to write.

What wins have you had recently? Tell us all about your news in the comments! 🙂

Woman in sunglasses, leggings and bright top pointing to a full-length wall poster of a poem.
Image of the author by M. Gill.
Header image by Bruno from Pixabay

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