Dear Wendy,

How are you? I’m good but sad you moved far away. We really miss you here. The treehouse isn’t the same. I still think you’ll come find me when I hide from Dee, but you don’t. I’ve been reading like you told me. I’m reading The Hobbit but I like the movies more. 

Dusty is happy staying with us, he and Sooty get on great! When I show him your picture he wags his tail. Dee said they had to get married to be together always. So we had a doggy wedding yesterday. Sorry we didn’t invite you but Mum said you were at Sunday School so we couldn’t phone you and Dee said we couldn’t have people here anyway because of the virus. Dee’s annoying. You are a better big sister. Don’t tell!

Dee made Bob the goldfish be the Minister. We put his bowl under the arch with the climbing roses. I wanted a Minister with a suit like the fluffy penguin you gave me but Dee said he had to be alive not a toy. So I drew a suit on Bob’s bowl instead! Mum put up the fairy lights from Dee’s room and set up the iPad for a video but nobody else was allowed to come. Me and Dee were the Witnesses. It was pretty, like a Disney wedding. You would have liked it.

Sooty and Dusty wagged tails and said nice doggy things to each other. Sooty was the bride and wore my blue Pokemon bow clip on her ear. Dusty wore his flannel coat even though it was hot. He looked good! We put rings on bones for them and they are now on their collars. The rings are purple for Sooty and green for Dusty. They are from the dollar store but they look nice. 

It was really good until Dee’s rabbit got jealous and chewed through the fairy lights. They cut out when Bob said ‘Any objections?’ which was spooky. When we found the rabbit he looked a bit sad and Mum took him to the vet which was expensive on a Sunday. The vet said we had to rabbit-proof better but he is okay just a bit sore. Dee said his name is now Sparky.

I hope you are having fun and like your house and miss me like I miss you. Sunday school sounds boring. Email soon please.

Love from



Dear Emmett,

Thanks for sending over the video of Dusty and Sooty’s wedding. School is not so bad but I do miss you all. It’s hot here, too. I hope you can visit in the holidays if the virus is gone. I’ll show you the library here, it’s really cool. Also thanks for looking after Dusty. You do know she is a girl? I posted you a Pokemon bow for her to match Sooty’s. It’s my favourite. Email soon.

Love from


PS: Between you and me, you’re my favourite ‘sister’ too. Don’t tell!

Image by Anastasia Doran on Pixabay. Header image by Milivojevic on Pixnio.

Pretending to write like a twelve-year-old is fun, but hard. How do twelve-year-olds write these days? Do they still overuse exclamation marks like I did? Are they eloquent, do they use slang all the time, do they stick smileys in everywhere? Sadly, I don’t have a twelve-year-old to consult. I hope Emmett’s words came across realistically enough for you.

This was my entry to AWC’s Furious Fiction – July, theme of weddings and funerals. My twelfth entry to this monthly competition! You can read previous entries here.

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