There’s writing on the wall,
They even wrote a name;
I call the children out
And ask them who’s to blame.
‘It wasn’t me,’ says Becca,
‘It wasn’t Tommy neither!’
I can’t get a confession
Out of Tommy either.

Then Becca gets a board
And Tommy gets the chalk,
And both the children draw
And give a little talk:
They made a friend, they say,
Who told them what to write,
And helped them trace the letters
To get them all done right,
And it’s his own name too,
But then he disappeared!
A silly little friend
Like a fairy, with a beard.

‘Well, those that write on walls,
If they have beards or not,
Had better clean it off,’ I say.
‘Make sure you get the lot!’

So cloths and water’s handed out,
‘This isn’t fair!’ they grumble,
Then scruffy heads get close
And under breath they mumble:
‘Come out, come out, o’ fairy friend
We want to talk to you.
Come out, come out now, little gnome
And say our story’s true!’

I blink and suddenly I see
A little chap appear!
With overalls and garden spade
And mischief ear to ear.
He turns to me and bows and says
‘So sorry to cause trouble.’
Then dips his beard into the soap
And comes up all a-bubble.

He cleans the wall quite thoroughly
While Becca laughs aloud
And Tommy claps most merrily.
The gnome looks rather proud.
Then off he pops! And when I search
I spy him in his home
Among the blueberries and beans:
Bartholomew the Garden Gnome.

Now and then I leave some chalk
In case he comes again,
But haven’t seen his writing since,
Which really is a shame.
We all should write on walls sometimes
In letters huge to see:
‘Here’s my name, for I am here,
Look here – for this is me!’

Garden gnome with red hat and long white beard in grass, close-up
Photo by Brett Jordan from Pexels
Featured header image: Gnome overlooking garden by jks Lola.

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