A Pond and A Bicycle


His joyous shouts carved happiness into listening trees like knives, rebounding across the sun-drenched pond below. He burst from the hill, sailing weightless for a moment, knife grin echo splitting his tanned face.


Weightless again, controlled and fearless. Twisting the bicycle beneath his body, sharp smile shining with reflected sun, he beamed at the girl on the hill.


Rocks from a bonfire grave dug blackened edges into soft rubber. Weightless again, he froze and tumbled, skidded too close to the water. Froze again as icy scum pierced warm lungs and green consumed the world.




Broken bicycle wheel on stones
Broken bicycle. Image by Wei-Zhe Chan from Pixabay

This post first appeared on Reddit:Writing Prompts’ Flash Fiction Challenge for 100-300 word flash fiction. This story is 100 words.

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