A Pond and A Bicycle

“Woohoo!” His joyous shouts carved happiness into listening trees like knives, rebounding across the sun-drenched pond below. He burst from the hill, sailing weightless for a moment, knife grin echo splitting his tanned face. Bounce. Weightless again, controlled and fearless. Twisting the bicycle beneath his body, sharp smile shining with reflected sun, he beamed at … Continue reading A Pond and A Bicycle

Djiti Djiti

Chit-chit-chit-chit"The wagtail’s at it again.""’Tail!""Aw. Where’s the birdy, Izzy?""’Tail!""Noisy critter, isn’t it. Hasn’t stopped all day. No, don’t go out- Hon! Go get Izzy, would you?"Chit-chit-chit-chit"I don’t know, Meg. Some say wagtails are lucky birds. I wouldn’t mind a pair nesting at my house.""You can have mine." I sip my tea. "Hon! You’ve got to … Continue reading Djiti Djiti

When The Refugee Came

It was our people’s last peaceful summer, though peace would not describe the sky. Ships exploded overhead like bursting stars, raining molten innards on the sea. Only one star fell to land. From its broken depths a child emerged, forged of light. Hunted by death. It was I who found the child. Who waited for … Continue reading When The Refugee Came

Writing Prompts

Reddit icon by http://noop.nl/ Reddit, the front page of the internet. Also, a great source of inspiration for writers. My favourite community on Reddit is Writing Prompts. Though I've only contributed four times in the past two years, it's still great to browse, read other people's writing and critiques, and fuel my desire to write. … Continue reading Writing Prompts