Post Numero Uno

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

Hello world.

I decided to start a blog to keep myself accountable in my writing. Here it is!

I’ve always written stories, poems, etc., but never seriously. Last month I decided to actually give this thing a proper go. I even bought Scrivener. I imported an old book idea and got to writing.

Two and a half weeks later I’ve done 9,000 words. It’s not a mountain, but it’s not anything to sneer at either. I’m finally tuning in to creativity, giving myself time to do something for me

In this blog I’m going to post updates about my word count, how the project is going, etc. I’ll also post additional writing. And I will probably post about everyday things, inspiration I find, links to authors I like, and the occasional moan about life (because why not).

Hope you have fun reading.


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