Birthday Competition

Thirty-three years around the sun. Happy birthday to me! (And my Dad, coincidentally.) I thought I'd do something special for my blog today. A competition. Well, two competitions, actually. The first is to name a character in my current work-in-progress, Archivist series Book 2. Book one is coming back from the editor this week (exciting!) … Continue reading Birthday Competition

On the Boat

Shopping sounds fun. Shopping with your newly-corporeal and more-annoying-than-you-realised best friend? Not so much.I lean on a railing to watch Bertie stamp around, barefoot on the deck, testing her balance. The ferry rides the swell with experience. Bertie, however, does not.My best friend’s enthusiasm for the physical realm springs from the fact she was an … Continue reading On the Boat

Worn With Years

Suze dropped the black sack of Grandpa’s clothes next to an empty machine, fishing for coins in her pocket. She’d rather spend four dollars getting the old clothes clean than buying lollies on the way back from the salvo’s. Grandma’s volunteering stories about smelly garments dumped at her charity shop remained with her. It would … Continue reading Worn With Years

Djiti Djiti

Chit-chit-chit-chit"The wagtail’s at it again.""’Tail!""Aw. Where’s the birdy, Izzy?""’Tail!""Noisy critter, isn’t it. Hasn’t stopped all day. No, don’t go out- Hon! Go get Izzy, would you?"Chit-chit-chit-chit"I don’t know, Meg. Some say wagtails are lucky birds. I wouldn’t mind a pair nesting at my house.""You can have mine." I sip my tea. "Hon! You’ve got to … Continue reading Djiti Djiti