There’s writing on the wall, They even wrote a name;I call the children outAnd ask them who’s to blame.‘It wasn’t me,’ says Becca,‘It wasn’t Tommy neither!’I can’t get a confessionOut of Tommy either.Then Becca gets a boardAnd Tommy gets the chalk,And both the children drawAnd give a little talk:They made a friend, they say,Who told … Continue reading Whodunnit

Sweet Shop

“Sherbet fountains.” “Liquorice bootlaces.” “Pear drops.” “Ooh, Black Jacks.” “Candy necklaces! Yay, I love these.” “No, look, gobstoppers!” The wide-eyed children turned as one to the sudden celebrity who’d located the ultimate lolly. A scramble in the aisles became a traffic jam at the retro shelves, and the owner of the new Lucky Sweet Emporium … Continue reading Sweet Shop