And We’ll Throw Your Ashes To The Wind

Hello, world. I’m briefly sneaking out from my virus-smothering blankets (yep, that virus) to say so-long to October. And cheer a little for my newest published short story.

And We’ll Throw Your Ashes to the Wind is a post-apocalyptic story of a mother and child, journeying across their West Australian landscape to the ocean, following a last request. Ashes was published this month by Wyldblood Press, along with fifteen other marvellous tales of science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

Thank you, Wyldblood Press. I can’t wait to hold this one in my hands.

Digital image of clouds with background sun shining golden through an opening onto a flying dragon
Digital cover of Wyldblood Magazine Issue 10

Sixteen (yes, sixteen!) fine new stories in the 10th issue of Wyldblood Magazine, with hidden dimensions, dragons. gifts and obligations, superstorms and multiple different variations on the end of the world. Science fiction, fantasy and a hint of horror, creeping out from under the dark edges of our imagination. We’ve got adventure stories, thoughtful stories, gritty stories and tales that just make you want to go ‘aah’. And dragons. There are always dragons.

Available in glossy 7×10″ paperback format or read on your screen full colour PDF.

Ria Rees. Lisa Short. Alex Shvartsman. Renan Bernardo. Brandon Chinn. Marilee Dahlman. M.A. Dosser. Ephiny Gale. Emma Gill. Paul Gray. Connor Mellegers. Janna Miller Mark Rigney. Mark Bilsborough.

Get a copy for yourself here.

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