Hotel de Mort reprinted

screenshot of Metastellar website front page with Hotel de Mort in gallery

My first published flash story, Hotel De Mort, was reprinted this week in online speculative fiction magazine Metastellar.

At Hotel de Mort, death is life.

Forget the whole idea of passing quietly. We specialize in the spectacular, the stunning, the superb. Want to leave this mortal coil in a diamond coffin shot into the sun? We can fulfill your wish. Host a party for your friends—or enemies—so they can witness your final moments? No problem.

Emma Louise Gill, Hotel De Mort

Check out the free science fiction flash today! And while you’re there, I hope you enjoy some of the other fantastic reads, too.

Thank you to Marie Ginga, reprints editor at MetaStellar, for the publication and featured illustration. Have a great week, everyone. 🙂

moon rising above a black background with Hotel de Mort title, author, and the two locations of publication on it

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