Recharging in Nature

woman with stripy hat, floral shirt and red hair facing away on a bench, a young girl with long brown hair and a pink helmet next to her, both looking at the ocean which is visible over sand and grasses
Watching the ocean at Woodman Point. © M. Gill

I’ve been making an effort this year to spend more time in the great outdoors. It’s such a wonderful way to refresh the mind, focus on the now, and let your body breathe. As a writer, I find that relaxing in nature gives me the space to reboot and recharge, ready to dig back in with new energy when I return.

Here are a few images from my most recent adventures. Perhaps they’ll inspire you to head out wherever you are in the world–whether summer is coming on or autumn has settled in. Let’s enjoy and celebrate our natural environment, and be rejuvenated along the way.

Above: Exploring the State forest and rivers near Collie, home of Western Australia’s largest muralled dam.

Dam wall with sepia and faded colour paintings of photographs from the building of the dam.
Collie Dam. Artwork by Guido Van Helten. Image © E. Gill

Below: Camping, kayaking, and bushwalking through our local national parks and native wetlands. (Header image for this post is of Riverview Foreshore, Mandurah. © E. Gill.)

fin and back of a grey dolphin visible, with samphire and sheoaks bright in the background
Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin in the Serpentine River, WA. © E. Gill

And of course, I couldn’t resist sharing this little visitor.

quenda (brown, furry marsupial with long snout) peeks from under a wet bench, yellow slide in background. Image (C) Matt Gill.
A quenda at Adventure World. © M. Gill

Have you been out in nature recently? What do you love about it? Are there any places that particularly inspire or recharge you? I’d love to hear about it in the comments! 🙂

PS: Preorder is now available for Where the Weird Things Are, the Deadset Press anthology featuring my story set in an alternative version of Mandurah, Western Australia. Click here to go to the Australian link or US link (both Amazon Kindle).

6 thoughts on “Recharging in Nature

  1. I grew up in WA and visited the Serpentine Dam many times. Assuming the Serpentine River feeds or runs off from the dam, I had no idea there were dolphins in it!

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