New Publication: Phantom Queen

The crow girl sits on top of the phone box, tossing pennies at the loch…

Emma Louise Gill, Phantom Queen

It’s the last week of February already. How time flies.

I’d like to share another new story with you this week: Phantom Queen, published online at Crow & Cross Keys—a beautiful speculative fiction magazine that I encourage you all to read as often as you can.

Phantom Queen is a flash piece that started life as an entry for the Australian Writer’s Centre’s Furious Fiction competition last year. It did not place, yet grew from that beginning to a quietly magical, reflective piece that I love. Another example of words that needed time to grow, and a story that needed the right people to read it. 🙂

I am honoured it found its home at Crow & Cross Keys.

Read Phantom Queen here.

Red phone box and lobster pots at the edge of a highland loch
Image by Odd Wellies on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)
Header image by Lesia Pko on PxHere

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