Friday Afternoon, Third Trimester

Have you ever spent time people-watching in a fast food restaurant? That’s what I was doing when the idea for a story came to me. What would a chain restaurant look like in an alternate, yet familiar universe? Who would go there? Why? This one was fun to write.

For some background, this story came about last year when my daughter was in hospital. I had swapped out with another visitor (COVID times), and wandered down the road to score some coffee and a break. I remember jotting down my ideas on my phone’s notepad app. I’m not the kind of writer who takes pen and paper everywhere… but I do take cloud-compatible tech! 🙂

This month AntipodeanSF published the story that came out of those musings. It’s called “Friday Afternoon, Third Trimester.” It’s my second story with them (Hotel de Mort was my first, and incidentally my first published work). In a few months’ time, the audio narration for the story will also come out on AntipodeanSF radio. I’ll make sure to let you know about it then too.

I hope you enjoy the read.

Click Here to Read Friday Afternoon, Third Trimester (Link to archived version)

Abstract image representing a fast food restaurant
Image created using Wombo DREAM app
Header image by Orlandow at Pixabay

Have a great week. Thanks for dropping in. 🙂

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