Coffee, Red

It’s official! My newest short story, “Coffee, Red” was published last week in Melbourne’s Curiouser Magazine.

I make bargains every moment of my life. Eyes bargain with light for an acceptable version of reality, asking my conscious mind to ignore the waiting shadows. Lungs bargain with air for the necessary oxygen to function, forgetting that they shouldn’t work at all. Chocolate on my lips is a bargain with myself, to work it off in some future gym beneath high bay beams that never go out.

Even birth was a bargain. A deal with the Devil, to live by someone else’s terms.

“Coffee, Red” by Emma Louise Gill
black and white shell on a black silk background - magazine cover
Curiouser Magazine Issue Two

Available from select bookstores in Victoria, you can also grab yourself a copy in the online store. (Note for overseas buyers: due to COVID-19 and unfortunately high shipping costs, please contact them directly for information on how to get your hands on one.) There is also a bundle deal for Issues One and Two – I highly recommend it.

Issue Two features stories by Natasha C. Calder; Samuel Cromwell; Shaun Duke; R.K. Duncan; EJ Delaney; Jack Faircloth; Emma Louise Gill; Andrew Kozma; Monica Louzon; Peter Morsellino; Nienke Oldenhuis; Charlotte M. Porter; Bobby Rollins; Rory Say; Paulette Smythe; Ellen Davis Sullivan; Carl Walmsley; Ramez Yoakeim and Thomas Bailey.

Curiouser Magazine: strange words for strange times.

Stars and lines minimalist design, in red, with the words Happy Holidays. Image from Pixabay

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