Who’ll Come Waltzing?

I thought I met a dog today
with manky paws and fur astray
with black bead eyes and lolling tongue
he came up like I was someone
he came up like he wished to talk
and wagged his tail and gave a squawk
I jumped and said you’re not a bird
are you
? although that was absurd,
and dog said meow and then said bleat
and I ran off along the street
and then that dog I met today
said suit yourself and flew away

I thought I met a shark today
as I was paddling in the bay
with gleaming sides and giant jaws
that grabbed my kayak by the oars
and somehow I can swear she said
are you alright love? in my head
like someone from a nursing home
or other nannas I have known
and honestly I freaked a bit
and scarpered fast as I saw fit
and then that shark I met today
said weirdo and she hopped away.

I thought I met a roo today,
a group of them were all at play
around the park under the trees
they bounded over at my sneeze
and crowded round and boxed me in
and then they started all to sing
that song by Banjo Paterson,
the one with swagmen in the sun
the one about a lady’s waltz
and people and their many faults
and I said wait then sang along
because who doesn’t love that song?

A group of kangaroos on a golf course grazing on the grass
Doing the Mowing. Image by Leon Rice-Whetton via flickr. Some rights reserved.
Header image of prevailing winds on a red river gum, by Mal B via Flickr.

Where do you find inspiration? Are there certain places that invoke certain emotions in you? Ever have a day when you’re feeling a bit surrealist?

I wrote this poem a couple of months ago on a sunny morning, sitting on the forecourt of a chain brand café outside a library, watching the world go by. I often say that I am the type of writer who lives in cafés, and it’s true – there’s something about the atmosphere of a group of people enjoying food, drinks, and conversation, which makes me want to write. Hope you enjoyed this one, absurd as it was.

And thanks for coming on the journey with me. 🙂

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