Originator: Macrofungi Una
Receiver: Macrofungi Tertia

The body is stranger than we imagined. It is isolated, alone, and so very small. Its inner processes are convoluted and complex, but not unlike our own. There are microbacteria here, too, and water—though it is predominantly fouled with other cells and matter. It appears to obtain food via large orifices, of which its digestion is disgustingly inefficient. It also cannot intake oxygen via its surface membranes, needing to retain some unconscious primal nerve control over a vasovagal and respiratory system. The whole thing is terribly inefficient.

We have determined, on the multiplicitous try, how to work the body sufficiently to venture into the Environment. Here the body is the most interesting: it has ‘vision’. Through its eyes we have seen ourselves—fibrous, glowing, branching. Our limbs stretch towards our ever-insufficient light; our caps spread high and strong above the body. Our environs—and competitors—are much clearer with this additional dimension. We are, of course, beautiful.

Via the body, we were able to determine its mode of entry to the Environment: a vessel made of foreign materials which must have been moving independently, before crumpling on impact. (Note: another argument against rapid velocity of any kind.)

Recommendations: We request additional light space, for the purpose of growing offshoots to investigate the crashed vessel, recover resources, and gather intelligence. Secondly, we recommend any surviving bodies to be indoctrinated as soon as possible, using the enclosed methods. We cannot afford to lose more. They will be able to guard against enemies and could, in time, become useful tools for purposes we have not yet discovered.

For the good of the whole,

Large fungi structures with purple tops and green undersides, a human figure facing away stands beneath them. Cyan river flows between magenta rocks and glowing fungi. Alien/fantasy landscape.
‘Lost Outside’ by Anton Kurbatov on DeviantArt

This flash fiction story’s first iteration appeared in response to the above image prompt on Reddit/ShortStories/MicroMonday, a weekly prompt thread of <300 word stories.

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