Serpentine Dam

I went for a drive to the dam
Thinking to see me a sight
A beautiful lake
A woodland of trees
A bevvy of birds and the like

But when I got there it was raining
And nothing at all could I see
‘Cept fat little raindrops
Obscuring the view
Falling down laughing at me

So I parked up beneath the tall gum trees
The jarrahs all swaying with rain
I listened to birds
As they sang in the bush
And waited for sunshine again

The wind whispered quietly onward
The car park was empty and calm
The sound of the rain
Was a susurrus
While I remained safe, dry and warm

I did a few loops of the dam
The picnic space, lookout, cafe
Then I took to the road
And headed for home…
I’ll come back on another day.

Serpentine Dam by Gnangarra on Wikimedia Commons. Header image: Jarrah Trees by Wild Western Australia – Bonny on Pinterest

Bit of a whimsical one, but also a true story. Winter weather here — and especially weather in the hills — can really come on at any time!

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