An Obol For The Crossing

Feet shuffle on grey sand. A chill wind blows. Megakles would shiver if he still had a body, but instead the wind moans through his phantasmic ribs, adding to the chorus of distilled despair on the banks of the River Styx.Another day in the everlasting night of the Underworld.Megakles sighs. In life, his breath could … Continue reading An Obol For The Crossing

Animalia Paradoxa or, Contradictory Animals

I burnt it all down, like I promised. You didn’t think I would do it; those four walls held too much meaning for me, you said. You were right that the walls meant a lot. A lot of pain, and joy, and memory in them. An ode to history, and to our present. But you … Continue reading Animalia Paradoxa or, Contradictory Animals