Just a little suggestion, he said. It’ll be fun, he said. You’ll fall asleep and I’ll kiss you awake like when we first met, then we can start again. That’s what he said. Why, then, did I just wake up alone, dusty, really bloody hungry in a really bloody cold industrial freezer? “Fool me once, fool me twice, all that shit,” … Continue reading Hypnosis

Worn With Years

Suze dropped the black sack of Grandpa’s clothes next to an empty machine, fishing for coins in her pocket. She’d rather spend four dollars getting the old clothes clean than buying lollies on the way back from the salvo’s. Grandma’s volunteering stories about smelly garments dumped at her charity shop remained with her. It would … Continue reading Worn With Years


Dr. Orchid sat still and breathed, cards in hand. Ordinarily, an accusation of assault would send bristles erupting dangerously, but this particular game required careful self-censorship. One slender finger slid a card across the table to the accusing party. Rope. “Ooh, I knew I got another one!” crowed Mrs Peacock, checking her newly acquired card. … Continue reading Clue