Djiti Djiti

Chit-chit-chit-chit"The wagtail’s at it again.""’Tail!""Aw. Where’s the birdy, Izzy?""’Tail!""Noisy critter, isn’t it. Hasn’t stopped all day. No, don’t go out- Hon! Go get Izzy, would you?"Chit-chit-chit-chit"I don’t know, Meg. Some say wagtails are lucky birds. I wouldn’t mind a pair nesting at my house.""You can have mine." I sip my tea. "Hon! You’ve got to … Continue reading Djiti Djiti


“Five minutes and counting.” Time is interminable. It stretches, yawning, threatening to overtake him with its dark menace. How does he sit through these protracted seconds launch after launch? The chair is creaking with the weight of his despondency. Twenty-seven donuts contributed their piece as well, but every time he swears off bringing them he … Continue reading Countdown

When The Refugee Came

It was our people’s last peaceful summer, though peace would not describe the sky. Ships exploded overhead like bursting stars, raining molten innards on the sea. Only one star fell to land. From its broken depths a child emerged, forged of light. Hunted by death. It was I who found the child. Who waited for … Continue reading When The Refugee Came