Sweet Shop

“Sherbet fountains.” “Liquorice bootlaces.” “Pear drops.” “Ooh, Black Jacks.” “Candy necklaces! Yay, I love these.” “No, look, gobstoppers!” The wide-eyed children turned as one to the sudden celebrity who’d located the ultimate lolly. A scramble in the aisles became a traffic jam at the retro shelves, and the owner of the new Lucky Sweet Emporium … Continue reading Sweet Shop

Writing Prompts

Reddit icon by http://noop.nl/ Reddit, the front page of the internet. Also, a great source of inspiration for writers. My favourite community on Reddit is Writing Prompts. Though I've only contributed four times in the past two years, it's still great to browse, read other people's writing and critiques, and fuel my desire to write. … Continue reading Writing Prompts

Finding the write-life balance

It's very unlikely that a writer is going to make a living by writing. So then the question is: how do you balance work, life, and writing? If you find out, please tell me.Kelly Link I echo Kelly Link's sentiments in the above quote. How do you balance it all? The last fortnight I have … Continue reading Finding the write-life balance